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Dallas Strike out Diabetes 2014 
Rubbed shoulders with Bowling Pros and helped raise thousands for JDRF in hopes to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes (TID).  I love the pic of Troy Barnes and my Daughter Iliana, both of which have TID.

Albuquerque Strike out TID 2014 

"My name is Austin Easley and I want to thank Thumb Sock for there help with my bowling.  With the use of the full length Tamer Thumb Sock I won my first tournament on June 1st, 2014 using a 14# Hyper Cell at the age of 12.  This was a sport shot tournament, being bowled on the Kegel route 66 pattern that was ran by  I have had problems with my delivery since I was little due to my hands sweating a lot.  No tape in the ball was helping without tearing up my thumb, and no tape on my thumb would stay on more then a couple of shots without super glue.  Even with the super glue after roughly two games that tape would still start to come off.  So I gave Thumb Sock a try and wow, what a concept, so I have tried and enjoyed all there different versions they have available.  Each one works a little different and you may need to adjust thumb size or tape in the ball to find your best release.  To let you know how it worked for me for this tournament, I bowled with practice very close to 10 games in a matter of four hours, without any problems of my thumb.  I can't give them enough credit for coming up with idea of using these and having different styles.  If you are ever up around St. Charles, Missouri, you can usually find me bowling somewhere either practice, leagues, or tournaments.  I look forward to the continue success of my game, and hope this company growing with me.  If you are going to try these if in the area, stop by and visit me or I would try a ordering a combo pack first to find your best style of Thumb Sock.  Make sure to visit Thumb Socks Facebook page to keep up with updates of the company and updates of future tournaments I am bowling in, including this years under 12 division at Junior Gold in Buffalo.  Make sure to also check out these following companies for future bowling leagues, tournaments, open play,bowling needs etc..
St. Charles Lanes, Midwest Junior Tournaments, Best Bowling Pro Shops
 Thanks again Thumb Sock!!!!!"

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